A Revolutionary Medical Achievement: Ace Hospital’s Landmark Adrenal Gland Tumor Removal Using 3D Laparoscopy

In a groundbreaking medical feat, Ace Hospital has set a new record by successfully removing a massive 23 cm tumor from the adrenal gland of a 58-year-old foreign national. This incredible achievement has been recognized by both the Limca Book of Records and the Asia Book of Records, solidifying Ace Hospital’s reputation as a leader in advanced medical procedures and patient care.

Understanding the Case

The patient, a 58-year-old woman, had been enduring constant back pain and vomiting for several years. Her initial reluctance to undergo open surgery led to a delay in seeking treatment, a decision influenced by the fear of invasive procedures. However, as her condition worsened, she decided to seek medical help in India and chose Ace Hospital in Pune for its esteemed reputation and advanced medical facilities.

Diagnosis and Initial Assessment

Upon her admission to Ace Hospital, a thorough evaluation was conducted. A CT scan revealed the presence of a 15 cm cystic tumor in the left adrenal gland. The severity of the condition was further emphasized when a second CT scan showed that the tumor had grown to an alarming 23 cm, occupying more than half of her abdominal cavity. This alarming growth necessitated immediate surgical intervention.

The Challenge of Conventional Surgery

The complexity of the case was heightened by the tumor’s adherence to multiple vital organs, including the left kidney, spleen, pancreas, and large intestine. Traditionally, such extensive tumors would require an open surgery involving a large abdominal incision and significant recovery time. However, the patient was adamantly against undergoing open surgery, presenting a unique challenge to the surgical team at Ace Hospital.

Innovative Approach with 3D Laparoscopy

In response to the patient’s preference and the complexities of the case, the surgical team decided to utilize 3D laparoscopy, a minimally invasive technique that allows surgeons to operate with high precision using a 3D visual field. This advanced technology provides a detailed view of the surgical area, enhancing the surgeon’s ability to navigate around critical structures and ensuring minimal damage to surrounding tissues.

Professor Dr. Suresh Patankar, a senior urologist at Ace Hospital, led the surgical team. He explained that the patient was meticulously prepared for the surgery, which involved several preliminary assessments and planning sessions to ensure the best possible outcome.

The Surgical Procedure

The surgery, which lasted approximately four-and-a-half hours, was a testament to the skill and expertise of the medical team. Using the 3D laparoscopy technique, the surgeons were able to carefully separate the tumor from the surrounding organs. This method not only provided a magnified and detailed view of the tumor but also allowed for precise movements and reduced the risk of complications.

During the procedure, three liters of cyst fluid were drained from the tumor, significantly reducing its size and facilitating its removal. The meticulous nature of the surgery ensured that only the tumor was removed, preserving the adrenal gland and other surrounding structures.

Post-Surgical Recovery

The patient’s recovery was remarkably swift, with her condition improving significantly within four days post-surgery. This rapid recovery is a testament to the benefits of 3D laparoscopy, which include reduced postoperative pain, shorter hospital stays, and quicker return to normal activities.

Dr. Patankar highlighted that such surgeries usually require the removal of the entire adrenal gland due to the tumor’s size and location. However, the advanced 3D laparoscopic technique allowed for a more conservative approach, preserving as much of the healthy tissue as possible.

The Team Behind the Success

The successful outcome of this surgery was the result of a collaborative effort by a team of highly skilled doctors. In addition to Professor Dr. Suresh B Patankar, the team included senior urologist Dr. Guruprasad R Padalasangi and urologists Dr. Mayur Narkhede and Dr. Kashinath V Thakare. Their combined expertise and dedication played a crucial role in navigating the complexities of this challenging case.

Significance of the Achievement

This record-setting surgery is a significant milestone in the field of urology and laparoscopic surgery. It underscores the potential of advanced medical technologies like 3D laparoscopy to revolutionize surgical procedures, making them less invasive and more effective. The ability to perform such complex surgeries with minimal invasiveness not only enhances patient outcomes but also opens new avenues for treating other challenging medical conditions.

Ace Hospital: Pioneering Advanced Medical Care

Ace Hospital’s commitment to adopting cutting-edge technologies and its focus on patient-centric care have been pivotal in achieving such remarkable medical milestones. The hospital’s state-of-the-art facilities and its team of dedicated healthcare professionals are dedicated to providing the highest standards of medical care.

Dr. Patankar emphasized that this achievement is not just a testament to the hospital’s capabilities but also a beacon of hope for patients worldwide who are seeking advanced treatment options. The success of this surgery has set a new benchmark in medical care, inspiring confidence in minimally invasive techniques and their potential to address even the most complex medical challenges.

The Future of Minimally Invasive Surgery

The success of this surgery at Ace Hospital is a clear indicator of the future direction of surgical procedures. Minimally invasive techniques like 3D laparoscopy are paving the way for more precise, safer, and patient-friendly surgeries. These advancements are particularly beneficial for patients with large or complex tumors, where traditional surgical methods pose significant risks.

Moreover, the use of 3D technology in surgery enhances the surgeon’s ability to operate with unparalleled precision, reducing the risk of complications and improving overall surgical outcomes. This case demonstrates that with the right expertise and technology, even the most daunting medical challenges can be overcome.

Patient Testimonials

Following her successful surgery and recovery, the patient expressed her deep gratitude to the team at Ace Hospital. She described her experience as life-changing, highlighting the compassionate care she received and the exceptional skill of the medical team. Her testimony is a powerful reminder of the impact that advanced medical care can have on patients’ lives, providing them with new hope and a better quality of life.


Ace Hospital’s successful removal of a massive adrenal gland tumor using 3D laparoscopy is a landmark achievement in the field of medical science. It showcases the hospital’s dedication to pioneering advanced medical procedures and its commitment to providing world-class patient care. This remarkable feat not only sets a new record but also serves as an inspiration for future medical innovations, demonstrating that with the right technology and expertise, even the most challenging medical conditions can be effectively treated.

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