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Urology Treatment at Ace Hospital - Pune

Ace Hospital has acquired an experience of over four decades of specializing in urological treatments.  Having doctors with excellent skills, comprehensive knowledge and innovative spirits we are the pioneers in offering quality treatments with the best of facilities.

Urology is a medical speciality that focuses on medical and surgical needs related to the urinary tract system in both males and females, and the reproductive system in males.

Our Urology Department has a strong record of urologic disease research, with a focus on discovering innovative treatment approaches to improve patient outcomes and quality of life. We also house the best infrastructure with cutting-edge facilities and technologies.

Specialties of Urology Department at Ace Hospital

The department of Urology here specialises in offering quality surgeries and treatments ranging form various laparoscopic to invasive surgeries like-

Kidney Stone Disease

We have a separate stone clinic in Ace hospital that looks after patients suffering from a kidney stone. They are highly experienced in diagnosing the condition and treating it with the best method possible. Kidney stones mainly develop in people when the content of minerals and salts increases in urine.

  • PCNL (Mini & Micro PCNL)
  • Flexible URS
  • URS
  • Laser Stone Surgery
  • Bladder Stone Surgery

Prostate Disease Management


Prostate Acute Infections

Prostate Chronic Infections

Chronic Prostate / Pelvic PainProstate Cancer

  • TURP - Laser
  • TURP - Pic Technology
  • Prostate Cancer Surgery (radical prostatectomy)

Reconstructive Urology


Urethral Stricture Disease


  • Hypospadias Repair
  • Urethroplasty

Pediatric Urology

Pediatric urologist of Ace hospital is trained doctors who are expert in treating a number of genital abnormalities and groin problems such as varicocele which is a swelling of veins in the scrotum. Pediatric urologists are skillful doctors who have specialized in understanding the pain and problems in children which can’t be expressed by any child easily.

  • Pyeloplasty (3D Lap)
  • Endoscopic Valve
  • Hypospadias Correction


The Andrology department offers a full range of specialized test and services for the evaluation and treatment of infertility and sexual dysfunction. Our facilities provide a modern setting for couples to achieve their healthy family life and reproductive goals.

  • Microscopic Varicocele Surgery
  • Penile Doppler Study

Female Urology

Female urology departments of Ace hospitals are highly trained professionals who are experts in treating problems that are affected the urinary tract of females. This is basically a system of organs, tubes, and muscles such as kidneys.

Kidney Transplant

The kidney transplant department of Ace hospitals offers the treatment for end-stage renal diseases which is the mechanical process of cleansing the waste product blood, peritoneal dialysis where the waste products from the body are removed with the help of infusing some chemical solution in the abdominal cavity and kidney transplantation is the last choice available if none of the above-mentioned treatment works on the patients.


Uro-oncology department of Ace hospital works with all the other departments in the hospitals in order to provide extensive and holistic care. The hospital provides PAP screen and mammography facilities, every Tuesday in the afternoons under our uro-oncology department. Moreover, the breast clinic is held and it is specially run by a team of professional women who are specialists in the respective field. The hospital is well equipped with tumor market facilities and specialized cytogenetic facilities.

UroLift: Revolutionary Prostate Care at Ace Hospital

Are you struggling with frequent urination, weak urine flow, the need to urinate at night or sometimes even painful urination or blood in your urine? you may have been dealing with enlarged prostate or in medical terms Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). Men aged 45 or over experiencing frequent and urgent needs to urinate may find this condition all too familiar. Ace Hospital is proud to provide the UroLift system , a minimally invasive treatment for BPH. UroLift is the only major procedure for BPH that avoids cutting, heating, or tissue removal and is performed under local anesthesia. It is done by using tiny implants to hold the enlarged tissue away from your urethra, allowing urine to flow more freely. This quick, outpatient procedure takes less than an hour with mild sedation, and most patients are back to their normal activities within two to three days. Plus, Only UroLift preserves sexual function, so you can feel confident and comfortable.

As one of just two UroLift centers in Pune, Our facility stands out as one of the top UroLift centers, backed by experienced doctors committed to safe and effective care. At Ace Hospital, our renowned Urology department offers personalized treatment plans with trusted & proven technologies to ensure the best outcomes. If you’re tired of bothersome symptoms of enlarged prostate, it’s time to explore UroLift. Our expert urologists are here to help you understand the causes of BPH, prostate hypertrophy, and prostate swelling symptoms, and find the right medication to shrink the prostate or other effective treatment for your condition. Contact Ace Hospital now and take the first step towards a healthier, more comfortable future.

Available Modern Treatments and Infrastructure at Urology Department - Ace Hospital

  • Transrectal ultrasound (TRUS)
  • Urodynamics
  • Dialysis
  • Lithotripsy
  • Laparoscopy urology
  • Laser technique for kidney stone and prostate
  • Recurrent Stone evaluation by Litho risk profile
  • Flexible ureterorenoscopy
  • Plasma Kinetic Resection
  • P.K. Vaporization technique for Prostate
  • Laser Vaporization
  • Endurology
  • Total prostate management

Why choose Ace Hospital in Pune for Urology Treatment

In spite of possessing modern medicine there are various urological problems which are not fully addressed or treated using the same. Therefore, we have introduced an interdisciplinary approach called Alo-Ayur. Here we have combined modern science (allopathy) with life sciences (Ayurveda) to provide more comprehensive treatments.

Within this approach, we pair modern services with root causes such as nutrition, exercise, stress, and other lifestyle factors, giving our patients most effective results. This approach also helps in the prevention of the recurrence of certain conditions, thus benefitting patients in the long run.

Acute and chronic diseases like painful bladder syndrome, urinary incontinence, neurogenic bladder, chronic prostatitis, palliative care for cancer patients, etc. can all be treated using this innovative and effective approach.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Urology Treatments

What procedures do Urologists perform?

A few of the procedures performed by urologists are Cystectomy, Green Light Laser Therapy, Lithotripsy, Vasectomy, Vasectomy Removal and Pelvic Floor Muscle Therapy. These procedures are recommended by the top urologists in Pune and require expert medical guidance.

How much time does an appointment with a urologist take?

In your first appointment with the top urologists in Pune who practice at Ace Hospital, your doctor will provide a calm listening environment and hear your concerns patiently. Your appointment will usually commence with urine samples and may take around 20-30 minutes.

When should you visit a urologist?

Your body is the best clock for indicating regular visits to a urology specialist in Pune. If one faces any discomfort in urination or abdominal pain, a visit to a urologist is highly recommended. Apart from this, if a male prefers to modify their reproductive system, a urologist will provide the best medical assistance.

Can Kidney Cancer Come Back After Surgery?

Kidney cancer can come back to patients who have had and treated with kidney cancer. The patient has completed his initial treatment and continues for many years with no cancer symptoms and detection. However, the treatment’s main aim is to cure cancer entirely with no remaining cancer cells in the body. But sometimes, some cancer cells are left undetected. Additionally, cancer that might develop in the future is not bound to the kidney area only; it can grow in different body parts. This formation of a cancer cell in a new piece of the body is known as metastasis. However, to monitor the recurrence of cancer following activities can be followed: CT scan Blood test Bone scan Urine test MRI Physical examination

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