Waking up at 5 in the morning, doing cardio till 7am followed by a low carbs- high protein ‘healthy’ breakfast and thereafter leaving for work/college by 10 and so on and so forth. I believe you guessed the drill.

After the pandemic left the entire world shuddered, we all are striving hard to maintain a life where health leads our priority list. The above cited routine isn’t an easy one to stick to, however we give our best shot to pursue it,  as we all know that following this simple routine will not only help us maximise our full potential and increase productivity but will also help us lead a happier life, both physically and mentally.

It is well established that, engaging oneself in a physical activity for just half an hour in a day can be immensely beneficial for one’s health. According to a study by Harvard Health, ‘those who walked at least 20 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week, had 43% fewer sick days than those who exercised once a week or less.’ Physical fitness does  not only increases the life expectancy by lowering the risks for heart diseases, diabetes and cancer but also helps in keeping one’s mental health in check. It has proved to be of great support for reducing depression and stress by some of the renowned psychologists of the world.

As Thomas Fuller rightly said, “Health is not valued till sickness comes.” It’s important to understand that both preventive and curative measures are necessary to sustain the haleness of a person. While preventive measures aims to ensure that people don’t fall ill in the first place, on the other hand curative measures provides people with ways for treatment after they do fall ill. They are both in a way interrelated, as a rise in an amount of preventive measures taken by the citizens of the country will lead to a fall in the public healthcare expenditure of any country and vice versa.

People can take various steps in order to prevent the occurrence of any kind of disease or illness just by analysing one’s family history along with the environment the person’s surrounded by and the health behavioural pattern (most crucial one). Further, some expert ratified dietary habits and regular health checkups not only ensure a sustainable wellbeing but assures familial security.   So it’s better to invest the time in comprehending this as these are much more cost-effective than the curative measures.

However, when the state worsens, curative care brings a ray of hope. At a point when the patient starts believing there’s no way left to improve their condition, surgeries and therapies have been proven revolutionary in saving and improving lives of the individual as well as their family.

To say the least,  today is the youngest you’ll ever be and the procrastination will only make you older. So what are we waiting for? We don’t require sets of dumbles or protein bars or a treadmill to start, perhaps a walk in the vicinity. Or a ‘Surya Namaskar’ to start your day. Try and find a friend to workout with to boast your motivation, buy those fitness clothes you always wanted to, make that ‘nutrition chart’ but most importantly know your body and mind to begin with. An expert consultation can take your healthy lifestyle a long way.

Take one step at a time and you’ll see things will get easier in the future.

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