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The ever increasing predominance of Kidney stones, along with the possessed  reputation as one of the most painful medical conditions, it has been brought  under spotlight. The escalated concerns leads to dispersed misconceptions and myths. So why not go through some of them below.

All Kidney Stones are unbearably painful

Hard masses in urinary tract resulting in either pain, bleeding, an infection or block in the flow of urine. Here pain is never a compulsion when Kidney stones are concerned. Initial stage can merely show blood in urine. While in some cases nausea is accompanied by unbearable pain. What to consider is the location and size of the stone. A small one at the wrong place developing blockage, can result in immense pain while the intensity might be less when in between the ribs. 

Milk, soda, coffee and iced tea causes while cranberry juice prevents Kidney Stones

Different bodies react differently to all above mentioned drinks and others. Liquids high on calcium or caffeine or acid can bother one but surely not everyone. A detailed conversation with the doctor and thorough testing should be performed before letting go of your favourite beverage or food.

Secondly, stone formation can be minimized by raising citrate levels in urine. It could be done through any kind of juice and not cranberry in particular. Furthermore, it has also been proved that the amount of drinking fluid shall make more difference than the kind of it. At least 100 ounces of fluids a day can keep kidneys singing jingles and the possibility of stone formation at bay. 

Kidney stones are more prevalent in men

This might have been the case a few decades ago but not anymore. A dominant shift in the lifestyle of people with escalated consumption of acidic diet make both men and women equally vulnerable to the possibilities of building Kidney stones. The significant dietary change  leads to predominance of diabetes, obesity and several other risk factors in both men and women. Therefore kidney stones prevails in both genders evenly.  

Pain Originates In Your Lower Back Near Your Kidneys

Pain is most likely to center a little below the abdomen once the stone moves into the ureter. The ureter is a small tube, or duct, that connects the bladder and kidneys. It gets narrower towards the bladder. When the stone starts to block the urine flow, urine begins to fill up in the kidney and descend, causing immense pain.

Don’t let myths and misconceptions disturb the situation and delay the treatment. Consulting a doctor is possibly the best way to handle Kidney stone in all forms and intensities.

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