Get. Set. Go. 

Before these words fix their flow, an athlete’s heartbeat crosses all boundaries. Butterflies in stomach, are not visible in the player’s eyes hooked to the ball neither is the thunderstorm reflected in queen’s gambit. 

The stress, anxiety and restlessness starts before the sport and thus is to be dealt beforehand. Practicing the game surely does it’s bit in polishing the strokes but training the mind enables conquering the game. 

Therefore today when the way of life is faster than ever, meditation becomes the need of the hour. To calm the mind. To have control over actions. To nail a healthy lifestyle. 

It is well said that, a mind beyond control is more likely to make mistakes. One that could cost a victory in sports or otherwise. It has also been shared by a number of professionals, athletes and sportspersons among others,  that high levels of stress results in the reduced ability to concentrate, which ultimately affects the performance. Be it any field, anxiety, depression, stress, inability to maintain focus, sleep difficulties, life balance, confidence, all are common challenges that are witnessed by everyone.

Here, meditation does magic. As stated by Thich Nhat Hanh that “Meditation is no evasion, it is a serene encounter with reality .” It brings one closer to self, make master of thoughts and ensures  endless possibilities at your fingertips. One of the key techniques to transform the outlook towards life and it’s obstacles, is Meditation

Therefore it’s not an unknown outlook that,  a  five minute meditation daily strengthens mind and body more than any sport, demanding a practice of five hours.

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